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Bryan Reeves

Bryan Reeves

My goal is to empower my readers and give them the confidence to not just find love but also keep it alive. I’ll teach you where to find a soulmate and how to do it safely no matter how many miles may separate you.

About me

Before 2001, when I was 26 years old, my life seemed perfect. 

I had a high-paying job in the world’s most powerful army unit, the US Air Force. I had my whole career path mapped out in my head, and I thought nothing would kick me off the course. However, when it was time to get a new job as a government contractor, I suddenly realized I couldn’t do this any longer.

This is where I packed my stuff, said goodbye to my army buddies, and left the US army for good. I spent the next several months wandering about the planet with no real plan or purpose. I stayed with random families for weeks, even caught dangerous diseases, and had a few life-changing revelations along the way.

But none of them were as life-changing as when I ended up being thrown out of a cute apartment in Bordeaux, France, by my then-wife of 8 months. How did it happen, you may ask? Well, the beginning of our love story was straight out of a rom-com. We met when I was studying French in France, and within 5 weeks, we were already married. Over the next 8 months, I realized that despite being well into my third decade of living and multiple relationships under my belt, I still had no idea how to date women.

I came back to the US and worked a variety of high-pressure jobs, being a sales executive for my father’s watch company and managing a pop band. 10 years ago, I found that I became so good at understanding people’s needs and desires, and that is how I became a life coach.

But it wasn’t before I began working with couples that I realized I had also become significantly better at dating. Now I was able to understand what women and men wanted and how to make their needs met. This is where my journey as a dating and romance coach began. 

Since then, I have helped hundreds of single men find the right partner and make the relationship thrive. On top of that, I was able to get my love life back on track. I now reside in sunny Los Angeles with my amazing wife and our beloved dog and spend my days coaching, writing books, publishing content on my sites, and enjoying my lovely marriage.

How I started BridesClub

I was very busy with my many commitments, so another venture wasn’t really in the works for me. But the thing to know about me is that international dating happens to be one of my specialties, and I’m convinced that long distance isn’t an obstacle to a strong relationship. So when I saw how many single guys struggle with the ins and outs of international romance, I knew I had to help them. This is how BridesClub was born.

I envisioned BridesClub as a comprehensive resource for a very specific category of men: guys from America and other Western countries who are downright obsessed with foreign women but have no way of meeting them naturally because of the distance. And that is exactly what my team and I have achieved in the years since launching BridesClub.

Right now, I focus on two types of content: reviews of popular international websites and guides to different kinds of foreign mail order brides and their features. Trust me, I know a thing or two about foreign girls because of the years I’ve spent traveling abroad. And I’ve also been an active online dating user for over a decade, so I’m somewhat of an expert in this field.

BridesClub may not have been around for too long, but in a couple of years, we have become a powerful source of information for online dating fans. Here are some of the results of our work in numbers.

How does mail order bride dating work?

Right now, international online dating may seem like the most unusual and possibly even terrifying thing in the world to you, but the truth is that it can be simple, enjoyable, and very effective if you do it the right way. And this is exactly why I’m here!

The process of looking for your future foreign wife doesn’t have to be complicated. I describe every step you need to complete in detail in my guides, so make sure to check those out.

Over the years, I have found the perfect sequence of steps that can take you from a single guy to a guy married to his dream woman. This is how it works.

Our team

Even though I’m the mastermind behind BridesClub and the author of most of the guides and reviews you’ll see on the site, I would have never done it all on my own. These are the two people who have been instrumental in BridesClub’s success.

What makes me an expert?

Of course, success in my personal life isn’t the only thing that equips me to give out dating advice. Ever since I have become a member of the online dating world, I have constantly worked on my craft. It all started when I graduated with a Master's Degree in Human Relations & Organizational Development from the University of Oklahoma. 

Since then, I have completed dozens of courses and programs aimed at making me better at dating and relationships, and here are just some of them:

  • Human Interaction Laboratories Training at the NTL Institute
  • Applied Healing Arts Certificate Program at the Tai Sophia Institute
  • Byron Katie's Psychology Training Certificate Program
  • Landmark Forum with Advanced Training
  • Life Mastery Programs and Personal Coach Training from Tony Robbins
  • EverCoach Coach Training Program
  • Mindful Awareness Practices Course at UCLA
  • Intimacy & Attraction Authorized Teacher from Michaela Boehm

My professional interests don’t just revolve around coaching couples and singles to help them achieve absolute happiness. I’m also a retreat facilitator and organize retreats for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of dating and intimacy in a relaxing, beautiful setting.

My books & media appearances

When I started my career as a relationship coach and international dating advisor, it turned out that people were hungry for exactly that kind of insight. I’ve started to be approached to contribute to various online publications, including ThoughtCatalog, MeetMindful, Elephant Journal, and The Good Men Project.

My practice and my ideas were also mentioned in, which called me the Leading Relationship Expert,, where I shared my thoughts about building a strong connection between partners, and New York Minute Mag, where I gave my opinion why every person is a combination of masculinity and femininity.

However, the publications I’m most proud of are actually my books. To this day, I published three books that generated a lot of rave reviews in the media. Here they are:

  • The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting and Hoping Diet

  • Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May

  • Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her): A Guide For Your Journey Through The Transformational Fires Of Love & Intimacy

In my books, I touch up on every important aspect of dating, from meeting women and flirting with them to overcoming common relationship roadblocks. If you are serious about your dating journey, these books are a must-read!

Mentions In The Media

With my advice, I inspired so many people who’d had dating issues, but I was positively shocked to acknowledge that my personality and my site whirled around Wikipedia, Goodreads, and other websites. I was a guest at different podcasts where I shared my experience with dating tips. There we discussed the spicy topics, like emotions, breakups, and all the stuff single and non-single men face.


Various men and guys who used my site or read my books always felt that they lacked something when interacting with ladies. Usually, it’s all about self-esteem or the fear of rejection. So, I tried to create a particular step-by-step strategy for every client of mine that would build healthy relationships with every woman. My site has bound hundreds of men with ladies of their dreams. Moreover, it didn’t matter that much whether the girl was from the USA or Thailand. The progress of these men makes me proud and delighted. Several of them shared their successes.

10 things people often ask me

I love answering questions because it helps me to figure out the needs of my future clients. I stick to the truth with my replies, since I see no point in lying. I might as well become an open book than conceal or be artificial. People feel it.

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